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Company profile

Monoloco Films is an independent film production company, founded in Berlin in 2012. Founding members are three producers and directors: Ed Ehrenberg, Guillermo Ruotolo and Julia Peters. In addition Monoloco Films has a pool of freelancers, who have a large know how in the business and support us with their expertises.

Our first focus is the development and production of movies for cinema and television. Mostly these projects are self-penned. Our aim is to entertain originally and wittily a wide audience with high quality formats.

Our second focus is on producing commercials and image films. Here we can offer complete packages, ranging from the development through shooting to post production.

Our third focus is to perform as a service production company for film and television for english- and spanish-speaking countries. Through our practical experience as filmmakers on the international market, we have the knowledge to deal with responsibility and flexibility the desires and ideas of our customers, owning the ability to implement their wishes in high-quality and cost-effectivness.

Monoloco Films is working on coproductions with English– and Spanish-speaking countries and is developing long-term cooperation with international companies.

You can tell whether a product is manufactured competently and professionally.
You can feel whether a product is created with passion and dedication.
Combining both aspects is the drive of Monoloco Films.

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