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 Julia Peters 

Julia Peters is working since 2006 as a freelance producer and director. 

For all major broadcasting stations, she has been directing television series. 

She started her career volunteering in production and cinematography. 

After being educated and working as an editor, she carried on as an assistant director, mainly for TV-Serials and children's programs nationwide. 

In between she was writing and realizing her own film projects, mostly dealing with social issues. 

Her short movie "Weiß" (“White”) and “Pflegestufe” ("Level of Care") were both awarded by the Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden with title of “„Besonders Wertvoll“ ("highly valuable") and the atribute of “Short Movie Of The Month”. 

In addition both movies have been proposed for the “German Short Movie Award”.

In 2012 Julia Peters founded as one of three partners the production company Monoloco Films.

She is taking key responsibilities for script development, dramatic composition and the contact to the film boards.

In 2013 Julia Peters absolved an intensive training at the “Masterschool Drehbuch” in Berlin and graduated as a scriptwriter for film and TV.

The focus of her work is on social dramas.

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