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"White" (“Weiß”) 

Short / social drama 


Cast: Elisabeth Lorenz, Marie Zielcke 


Script: Julia Peters 

Director: Julia Peters 

Camera and VFX: Thomas C. Wagner 

Editor: William James 

Score: Tim Stanzel, Moritz Denis, Eike Hosenfeld - Tonbüro Berlin 

Producer: Julia Peters 

Production: Monoloco films

Release date: April 2011

Initial broadcasting: March 2014 - arte 

A little girl is alone in a bright, tidy apartment. In the bathroom she secretly takes the make-up equipment of her mother and starts to paint her face. The red mouth of her rag doll seems to inspire her. 

On the way through the sparkling clean corridor she passes images of the happy family. 

When the girl runs towards her mother to wake her up, it gets clear: white innocence is very fragile.


Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden (German Film Rating Commission): 

”Weiß” is a tiny, convincing masterpiece.

Labled: “Besonders Wertvoll” ("Highly valuable")



    - Augenblicke – Kurzfilme im Kinos  

    - Shorts at Moonlight 



    RheinMain – Gewaltinterventionspreis (“RheinMain  - violence intervention award”)

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