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Director & Producer: Guillermo Ruotolo 

Camera & and Producer George Steffens

Production: Big 3 Films and Monoloco Films.

Cast: Elke Appelt (Snow White) - Maria Duness-Rose (Stepmother) - Torsten Schnier (Prince)

Festivals: BBC Music Video Festival, ClipAward Mannheim, 17. Int. Short Filmfestival Contravision Berlin

The Russian band “Skazka” (fairy tale) enter to a miniature hut in the middle of a white German forest representing the dwarfs in a surrealistic version of the fairy tale “Snow White”. While they are playing the song “Bormental” inside the hut, the story between Snow White and the Witch takes place outside in the cold forest and later inside the hut. At the end comes the prince to save Snow White from a freezing death. Nothing but a little bit of vodka can help her coming to life again.



Artur Gorlatschov - Voice/Guitar
Andrey Glebov - Contrabass
Valentin Butt - Accordion
Andrej Lakisov - Saxophone
Lena Shams - Drums

About Skaska:

Skazka Orchestra present a wild explosion fusing together traditional melodies (polka, folk) with modern rhythms (ska, klezmer, jazz, pop, punk and reggae)

After a few presentations with a demo, they finally made their first album and doing several concerts in Germany, Ukraine, Russia and Switzerland. In April 2009 they filmed their first music video “Bormental”. Through all these three years, they increase their fans, which tend to be young people, especially college students.

They bring the Russian soul to life, telling quirky and fairy tales stories for all over the world. As my experience as a director working in the video and my personal relationship with them, I can tell that they are young and talented performers who make the crowd go wild with real good music, not “just noise” as many other bands. In addition, they put all the passion and good energy in the video as in every presentation.

*It is an original material written by Skazka Orchestra©


(0049) 176 781 538 63

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