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“Level of Care” ("Pflegestufe")

Shortfilm / Socialdrama 


Cast: Judith von Radetzky, Ilse Bendin, Bärbel Stolz


Screenplay: Julia Peters, Sieglinde Zimmermann

Director: Julia Peters

Director of Photography: George Steffens

Editor: Jan-Timo Sonnemann

Score: Tim Stanzel, Moritz Denis, Eike Hosenfeld, Tonbüro Berlin

Producer: Ed Ehrenberg, Guillermo Ruotolo

Production: Monoloco Films 

Funded by: Bundeskulturministerium

Release: April 2014 


Ruth cares for her mother Hilde who is suffering from dementia. Both women are broke because the care devours every last cent. Only the approval of the 'level of care 2' can still save the two women. But when the case manager from the medical advisory service comes by to evaluate Hilde's health condition, suddenly the old lady seems not to be sick anymore. Rather Hilde presents herself as a charming, entertaining person with good memory. The new Level of Care is in danger, Ruth is more and more under pressure until she loses her self-control...and with that she degrades not only her mother but rather herself. 


Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden (film-evaluation board germany): "LEVEL OF CARE” is a great movie that makes affected without pathos and conveys the seriousness of the situation with a narrative ease.


Prädikat (Quality grade):  “Besonders Wertvoll” (Highly Valuable)



  • Athens International Film + Video Festival

  • Portobello Filmfestival London

  • Festival de Solidario de Guadalajara Madrid

  • Aeroe Short Film Festival Denmark

  • 3rd Eka Deshma – Festival De Contemporary Cinema, Kathmandu Nepal 

  • Great Lakes International Film Festival

  • 2th International Mental Health Film Festival Portugal 

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