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La Apertura de la Nuez (The Opening of the Nut")

Shortfilm / Comedy


Cast: Xavier Pascual Betrán, Lorena Franco


Screenplay: Guillermo Ruotolo

Director: Guillermo Ruotolo

Director of Photography: George Steffens

Editor: Guillermo Ruotolo

Animations: Carlos Cursaro

Score: Tim Stanzel, Moritz Denis, Eike Hosenfeld, Tonbüro Berlin

Other Music: Cayzland Studio

Producer: Ed Ehrenberg, Guillermo Ruotolo, Julia Peters

Production: Monoloco Films, ESCAC Barcelona 

Release: November 2013 



Mummy´s boy Julio is far away from being a womanizer. To find out whether the wisdom´s of the ancient Chinese book of love "The Opening of the Nut", to seduce every woman around works or not, Julio follows step by step all it´s advices. His next pray: the self-conscious Marcela.





  • CineFest Global 2014. Section: Latino Fest short films

  • Acces Code Short Film Festival 2014

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