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 Guillermo Ruotolo 


Guillermo Ruotolo, born in Argentina, is working as free producer and director in Berlin.

The focus of his work is on Science Fiction and Fantasy movies.

After graduating from high school with a five year actor training, he started his career in film at 1998 with film studies at the “ National University of La Plata” in Buenos Aires.

In 2003 he obtained the degree in film directing with focus on scriptwriting and producing.

After the studies he moved to Germany and gained set experiences in many countries as script supervisor and assistant director for cinema and television. 

Many production companies have been benefited from his multilingual skills (fluent in english, german and spanish). 

In 2011/12 Guillermo Ruotolo absolved a master program in “Film Directing” at the ESCAC Barcelona.

In this period he created his short movies “Los Elegidos” (“The Chosen”) and “La Apertura de la Nuez” (“The Opening of the Nut”), that have participated on international film festivals, e.g. on the “Festival de Cannes”.  

In 2012 he founded as one of three partners the production company "Monoloco Films" in Berlin in order to create own projects and taking key responsibilities as producer for international Co-Productions.

At the moment he is working on the co-production for his self-written fantasy movie “The Gaucho Salim” that he is going to direct in Argentina, Germany and Spain. 


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